Lockdown Living featured on podcast!

Lockdown Living has been featured in a podcast!

I was delighted that the Lockdown Living book has been featured on a podcast. In early May, I was hosted on the U.S.-based podcast, the “Book More Show” with Stuart Bell. Wow, there were some terrific ideas generated in our discussion! Many thanks to Stuart for hosting me, and for his great insights!

Among the highlights:

From ‘zero to book’ in less than four weeks!

We spoke about how the book came about in fewer than 30 days! In the space of about three weeks, I got the idea for the book, brainstormed the content and then developed an outline. Finally I wrote the book, and then delivered it to the world with the help of 90 Minute Books. They did all the complicated technical stuff — including the formatting and layout, and getting the book onto the Amazon and Kindle platforms. Their designer Glen also developed the cover design.

This was a great experience of me focussing on the parts of the process where my unique skills could come to the fore. I enjoyed having someone else to do all the things I don’t know how to do or don’t want to do.

Ways the book can have a life after the pandemic.

Chatting with Stuart reminded me that I have a 40,000-word draft of a book about PR and marketing. It’s sitting on the shelf. Knowing what I know now, I can get that book out into the world. There, it can start helping the owners of bricks-and-mortar businesses.

Creating an audiobook version of Lockdown Living.

Stuart suggested that I create an audiobook. He said it would be a valuable asset to the suite of Lockdown Living iterations. The book is currently in paperback, Kindle, and Apple Book. I am working on that now. Stay tuned for news of the audiobook version of Lockdown Living!

...And lots, lots more!

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