Delighted with the early reviews from readers of Lockdown Living

“Clever, helpful, and at times droll! Strongly recommend.”

Barbara E, Manhattan, USA.

“Written by a friend in a light-hearted, often humorous fashion, this book offers a ‘one-a-day’ task option to keep you occupied during the current stay-at-home requirement. Flip it open to any page and say to yourself, ‘Today I am going to do this!” Brilliant!”

Janny P. Ottawa, Canada.

“A brilliant work by my friend Laura Bruce. You’re locked-down. We’re in this together. This is the book to buy for your best friends – because you’re in this together.”

Paul O’M, Cork, Ireland.

“The book is fun! Easy read and comical. Highly recommend it.”

Shirley C., Port Colborne, Canada

“This book is really a hoot! It is filled with practical, down-to-earth advice which makes you smile at the same time. After reading all 101 tips, I challenge you to still be bored. Just reading the book should get you out of the lockdown blues! And Hookers rock – we are even at No 2 in the book.”

Marie-Louise B., Christchurch, NZ. 

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